Empower your student body to control their financial futures

An all-in-one money management platform with your school branding and logo.

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Welcome to your financial wellness solution.

Enhance your financial wellness initiatives with our cutting-edge white label software solutions.

The co-pilot to your financial wellness program.

With our customizable platform, you can put your school front and center, delivering Peach’s personal finance tools to your students under your own school’s logo and name.

Encrypted and secure

We use 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe.

A solution with flexibility to fit your needs.

Every school and every student body is unique.

Whether you need a turnkey solution or prefer to tailor the platform to your students’ needs, we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Upload your own financial literacy content
Factor in loan forgiveness programs
Create custom budget recommendations
Provide school-specific budgets
Share school-specific resources for financial management and aid

Give your students the tools they need to learn and understand their finances.

One-stop shop personal finance app

Pay off debt, spend smarter, and manage credit all in one place.

Managing money, made simple

Track spending, balances, and budgets.

Debt payoff and financial freedom

Get a step-by-step debt repayment plan that pays off debt faster & costs the least in interest.

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